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Product Description

Art for your ears ~ beyond amazing & massive masterpieces! Circa early 90's and done in bright gold plated metal with the heart as the focal point. The words CHANEL, CAMBON and PARIS are all etched in capital letters. The surface texture is pitted for a look that reminds me of limestone - if anyone was ever to cover limestone in gold, that is. The portion that sits on the ear lobe is round with a swirled center and chain link surround. The chain link is followed through as is attaches the top portion to the heart, with a cupids arrow at the halfway point. Details don't end there as the back portion of the heart has a star etched in with score marks. Not for the faint hearted as these are a statement piece & they make a big statement!

Excellent condition

Signed CHANEL & dated: 93 P

Made in France