*Petunia Peacock is a meticulously curated selection of authentic, iconic & rare, vintage Chanel jewelry.

The unique name, Petunia Peacock, was my nana’s given name. She was a proud southern woman of modest means who never stepped foot out of the house without her hair done and lipstick on ~ always wearing a dress pinned with a brooch.

Though she passed many, many years ago, not a day goes by that she is not in my thoughts and I am continuously inspired by her sense of style. What began as a hobby well over a decade ago, that turned into a passion and slowly into an obsession, is my love of vintage Chanel jewelry. I knew it became an obsession when I began to style my clothing around which vintage piece of Chanel jewelry I choose to wear.

My Nana never owned a Chanel brooch, but if she were alive today you can be sure she’d have an overflowing box of them. I wish I could share in this adventure with her…

Welcome to Petunia Peacock ~ It is my pleasure to share my passion with you…

Lori Frances